Should You Invest in Pet Insurance?

Should You Invest in Pet Insurance?

sick-dogThis is a question that enters the mind of most pet owners.  Most days we put it in the back of our minds until that one day when we have to take our four-legged family member to the vet.  We stand at the check out counter waiting to hear the dreaded cost we’re about to pay  for the vet bill and think, “Maybe I should have paid for vet insurance.  Maybe this would have been covered.  Why didn’t I do it sooner, I’m going to look into it this time?”

Some pets can live their whole lives with just the basic vet care; no major surgeries, illness, emergency care, genetic conditions or accidents.  For many, that is not the case and as pet owners we are faced with huge financial decisions and stress.  Think about auto insurance, or our own health insurance, property insurance, etc.  We pay our monthly premiums every month and never seem to see the benefit.  On the other hand, when something does happen whether its an auto accident, or we have to go to the hospital, or your child needs their wisdom teeth pulled, how grateful are we that insurance will cover a huge portion of the cost!

I personally cannot give you the answer you need since every situation is different.  But I did come across an article that I think would be of help if you’re not quite sure what to do.  The most important thing is that we are able to provide the medical care that our pet needs throughout their life.

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