A Picture Perfect Home with a Picture Perfect Pup

A Picture Perfect Home with a Picture Perfect Pup



When you picture a dog at home, the first thing that might come to mind is a magazine photo of a perfectly designed, spotless house with a perfectly groomed Golden Retriever sitting obediently and staring wistfully at the camera. But then reality sets in as you look around at your own situation: bedding and stuffing everywhere, dirty carpets, paw prints on the floors, chewed up furniture, a bowl surrounded by water splashes, toys strewn around, fur on the sofa, and a sloppy canine with a his tongue out and tail wagging. 

Does it have to be this way? Of course not. As a dog owner, you can keep your house breathtakingly gorgeous like those magazines by giving it some TLC. Becoming a dog owner doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to a beautiful home. The Loudon County Pet Expo offers the following tips to help you keep your home in tip-top shape.

Keep your dog occupied. Training isn’t the only way to prevent future mayhem from occurring. Sometimes even trained dogs act up when they have too much energy and aren’t being properly stimulated. Dogs that don’t get enough activity may become frustrated and act out by chewing furniture or rugs. Make sure you walk your dog and take him out for exercise regularly. If you’re unable to be home to walk him every few hours, hire a dog walker to stop by once or twice to walk him while you’re out. However, your dog might need more than just someone to drop by for a short walk on occasion. He might also want companionship. Your pet shouldn’t be alone too long, so if you’re away for long hours, hire a pet sitter to keep him company at home.

Train your dog. If you bring home a puppy or a rescue dog, chances are he won’t be housebroken. This is where the majority of the damage occurs. Untrained dogs have bathroom accidents inside, chew up shoes and pillows, and scratch up the furniture. It’s nearly impossible to avoid these problems in the beginning, so it’s best to get your dog trained right away to prevent future damage after they outgrow the unruly phase. Once the training is complete, give your house a thorough cleaning so you can start fresh with a sparkling home and a dog that doesn’t make messes inside.

Groom your dog regularly. Dogs who shed a lot of fur need regular grooming and brushing. Get used to taking your dog for shampoos and haircuts more often than you take yourself. Get used to brushing him everyday to keep the hair on the brush rather than all over your house. Brushing your dog’s hair is not only good for his coat, but it’s also a soothing bonding experience for you both.

Keep the house clean. The best way to get your house to look immaculate is probably something you don’t want to do: clean it daily. Vacuum and sweep the floors often so that hair doesn’t pile up. Consider getting a robotic vacuum to run every day to stay on top of pet hair. Shampoo your carpets every few months to keep stains from forming and settling in. Remove your shoes at the door, and keep your pup’s paws clean when he enters from a romp outside. This might not bode well, but train him to stay off the furniture and on the ground. 

Consider also having your furniture cleaned at least twice a year by professionals. Search terms like “professional furniture cleaning near me” can point you toward local pros who can tackle your furniture quickly, and leave it sparkling. Be sure to read reviews before settling on a company, and remember to ask about the chemicals they use. 

Make a designated dog space. Your dog still deserves to have his creature comforts and play things while living in a gorgeous home. Since humans have bedrooms and closets for their personal items, your dog should have a personal space too. Leaving his bed and toys in one corner of a room will keep things from being scattered throughout the house. Try limiting him to one toy at a time so your house doesn’t have toys in every room. If he’s a chewer that leaves stuffing all over the floor, buy him an indestructible, chew-proof bed.

It is possible for a dog and a beautiful home to live in harmony. It takes some preventative work, attention to your dog and care for your home, but it can be done. A happy dog equals a tidy home, which equals a happy owner.

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